When it comes to the components that make up your car, it’s safe to say that few are as important, vital even, as your brakes. At Revs of Horsham, we offer a comprehensive range of services and provide a high level of support and assistance for the care and maintenance of your brakes.


Every year, a large proportion of accidents occur as a result of brakes that have not been properly maintained and are in poor working condition. A visit to Revs will play a part in keeping you safe on the road. Hopefully you will never have to rely on your brakes in an emergency situation, but if you do, you will be glad you made sure your brakes were checked and in good shape.


Modern braking systems are built around extremely advanced, highly intelligent, equipment. This needs to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure the most efficient performance. At Revs of Horsham, we are pleased to offer free brake checks, with no obligation. If we do find any problems, we will supply a reasonable estimate for any repair or replacement work that may need to be undertaken. We offer the best value for money brakes Horsham has to offer.


Perhaps you’ll find that you simply need to change your brake fluid, a service that we highly recommend. Brake fluid can absorb moisture, diminishing the effectiveness of your brakes over time. Our replacement, care and maintenance service will ensure that your brakes remain in great condition. Revs of Horsham only supply and fit authentic, original equipment (O.E.), brake parts.