If you find your car develops a malfunction, or breaks down completely, you need fast, affordable and reliable assistance. At Revs of Horsham, we offer a comprehensive range of repair services that will ensure your car always runs like new. Our team is fully qualified, with an impressive level of experience in auto repair and diagnosis. Whatever the issue afflicting your vehicle, from a small service like changing light bulbs to the big undertaking of rebuilding an engine, we are capable, friendly and helpful.


There are any number of problems that can arise in your vehicle, as time goes on. It’s an unfortunate part of the package. Our team utilise the most up-to-date diagnostic systems available, so you can be assured that we will make an informed, efficient diagnosis of any current problems, and work to predict any future issues. If you want the most effective car repairs Horsham has to offer, get in touch with us now.


Our comprehensive range of services includes suspension overhauls, steering repairs and engine repairs. Our team is highly experienced in working with cam belts, confident in repairing or replacing clutches and experts in gearboxes. We also provide engine changes and undertake cylinder head work. If you have a problem with your car but you are unsure what is causing it, bring it to us and we’ll swiftly find the answer.


At Revs of Horsham, we always take pride in our work. We really are keen to ensure that your car gets the best possible service. If your car is not performing as it should or you have noticed problems, please get in touch and we will do our best to resolve the matter.