We believe Revs is the best full service and repair car centre in the Horsham area. That belief is backed up by the comprehensive array of services we offer. We can deliver competitive rates and the highest quality work in the area.
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Poor condition tyres can be dangerous, illegal, fuel inefficient and invalidate your car insurance. If you are uncertain that your tyres currently meet the required standards, we will happily carry out a free tyre inspection for you. Should your tyres need replacing we can offer a competitive same-day service, and will both supply and fit the tyres. We will also happily fit any customer supplied tyres. We only use modern tyre changers and wheel balancers, and have access to over 30,000 tyres, from leading brands to budget tyres.
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We offer MOT bookings for your yearly check-up. Drop your vehicle off with us and your MOT will be carried out quickly, and to the highest standard. We will also undertake any essential work for you, should your car fail its MOT, including MOT welding.
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The exhaust system is one of the hardest working components of your car, constantly under stress as it channels harmful gas from the engine to the back of your car, while the catalytic converter removes most of the toxins. If your exhaust is damaged or heavily corroded it can leak, causing the gas to be released into the interior of your car. Obviously, this puts you and your passengers at extreme risk, so it is important that your exhaust system is checked regularly.
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It goes without saying that maintaining efficient brakes is vital to your vehicle’s safety. Nor do the dangers of brake failure need to be illustrated. Regular safety checks, perhaps as part of a full service, can offer peace of mind. Or if you would prefer, we can offer a free brake check by qualified technicians, with competitive follow-on work, if required. We will also perform suspension checks upon request.
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Tracking is the alignment of the wheels of your car. Often, badly aligned wheels are the cause of reduced fuel efficiency, reduced handling, increased tyre wear and reduced breaking efficiency. A leading cause of this problem is simply hitting a curb. Even this small impact can be enough to misalign the tracking of your car. Our workshop is equipped with the latest 4 wheel laser tracking aligner, allowing us to make precise adjustment and ensure your car will be tracked as accurately as possible.
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General Repairs

In addition to the above, Revs offer a comprehensive list of cost-effective general repairs. Our fully qualified technicians can diagnose and repair any vehicular issues that may arise. We service, repair and undertake the following:


  • Cambelt and Cam Chain replacement
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Cylinder Head work
  • Clutches and Gearboxes
  • All electronics
  • Welding
  • Full diagnosis using the most up-to-date systems

If you’re experiencing problems with your vehicle and you’re uncertain what is at fault, please give us a call to arrange a diagnostics appointment and we’ll set it right for you.
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Block Exemption

Previously to 2003, vehicle owners were required to have all servicing and repairs carried out by the vehicle maker’s own technicians, or risk invalidating the warranty. Since the EU passed the Block Exemption Regulation (BER) this is no longer the case. Now maintenance and service work can be performed any outside technicians, provided they follow the manufacturer’s specs and use approved parts.
At Revs, we adhere to all appropriate guidelines and schedules, guaranteeing that you will preserve your vehicle warranty under the BER ruling.
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